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Sussex species

A pair of Small Blues (Dan Danahar)

  • Sussex butterfly galleries: A list of all the regularly-occurring butterflies in Sussex, with information about when and where to find them, and a Gallery of each, the photos taken in Sussex

  • Species champions: Our most threatened species all have a Species Champion, a voluntary position aimed at finding out as much as possible about each. (Coming soon)

  • Annual conservation report: Details the amazing breadth of Sussex branch activity to save our butterflies, moths and their habitats. Click here for the 2006 report.

  • Annual Sussex butterfly reports: compiled by the County Recorder for 2004 and 2005. There is a 2006 report available to members, and the topic of how to produce an annual report and whether it should be for members only is currently under discussion.

  • First and last dates for butterflies in Sussex

  • Sussex moth galleries found in Sussex, the photos taken in Sussex  photos of butterflies and moths taken in Sussex, as well as information about the species that are found here. There are alphabetical galleries, and also Galleries by Month showing the most frequent moths found throughout the year.

  • Sussex Butterfly Conservation Beginners' Guide to Mothing

  • Click here to go to the pages dedicated to the Sussex Moth Group. The group is independent of Butterfly Conservation, but as there are strong links between the two groups, it makes sense to host them on one site.



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