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Picture of the Month 2017

A picture of the month for October

Chosen by Neil Hulme

Female Common Blue, Mill Hill,
26 September
David Cook
Red Admiral, Seaford,
26 September
James Arnott
Wall Brown, High and Over,
17 September
John Williams
Peacock, Storrington,
16 September
Martin Kalaher
Queen of Spain, Piddinghoe,
04 September
Keith Perry
Painted Lady, Ditchling,
15 September,
Rolf Farrell

A picture of the month for September

Chosen by Colin Knight

Gatekeeper, Beckley Wood , 4 August
Douglas Neve
Queen of Spain, Piddinghoe, 28 August
Neil Hulme
Blue Underwing, Heathfield , 28 August
Nigel Kemp
Long-tailed Blue, 9 August
David Cook
Queen of Spain, Piddinghoe, 29 August
John Williams
Female Brown Hairstreak, Knepp , 1 August
James Arnott

A picture of the month for August

Chosen by Dave Sadler

Purple Hairstreak, Ditchling Common, 1 July
Colin Knight
Brown Hairstreak
David Cook
Small Tortoiseshell 
Jonathan Crawford
Painted Lady. Cradle Valley
Bob Eade
Silver-studded Blue
Nigel Symington
Common Blue
Paul Sharman

A picture of the month for July

Chosen by Neil Hulme

Male Purple Emperor at Knepp
Dave Sadler
A Gathering of Burnets?
Mark Cadey
White Admiral, Eartham Wood
Gareth Hughes
Male Marbled White. Seaford
Bob Eade
White letter hairstreak, Littlehampton
Mark Jones
Purple Haistreak Ditchling Common
David Cook

A picture of the month for June

Chosen by Mark Cadey

Silver-studded Blue, Iping Common
Katrina Watson
Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Neil Hulme
Green hairstreak, Kithurst
Barry Sketchley
Trio of Flying Brimstones, 2 Male, 1 Female.
Graeme Rolf
Almost black Small Blue
Rolf Farrell
Grizzled Skippers mating, Male ab taras
Bob Eade

A picture of the month for May

Chosen by Dave Cook

Duke of Burgundy front
Mark Cadey
Pearl Bordered Fritillaries
Rolf Farrell
Green Hairstreak
Trevor Rapley
Large Tortoiseshell
Paul Cox
Green-veined White
John Williams
Enjoying the last warmth of the day
Neil Hulme
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