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Christmas Quiz 2023

Welcome to this year’s Christmas Quiz. There are fifty questions with two parts to each question. In Part 1 you are asked to identify the butterfly in the photograph and in Part 2 there is a knowledge-based question, which relates in some way to the butterfly species shown. Having made your choices, click on the “Answer” button at the bottom of the page and see how you have done. For each set of questions there is a one line answer and then an explanation which includes ID pointers and some additional detail, which may be of interest. Then press “Next” and start all over again with the next question.

It’s intended as a bit of fun with an educational element thrown in. Hopefully, this quiz will encourage some further reading; with my personal favourites “The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland” by Professor Thomas and Richard Lewington, and “The Butterflies of Sussex” by Michael Blencowe and Neil Hulme.


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