Monday 15 July

I saw this in our butterfly haven at Dorothy Stringer school (Jem)
That's a Gatekeeper, Jem. (Ed jnr)

This is another butterfly I saw in the butterfly heaven at my school today (Marbled White). We didn't have any last year.(Elliot Bailey)
That's a Marbled White, Elliot. (Ed jnr)

A wonderful walk in Adur valley near Small Dole looking to hear or see Turtle Doves but numerous butterflies along Wood Mills Stream. A glimpse only of turtles but several moments of wonder with insects. Just the two photos as camera out of focus for some reason. (Greg Burgess)

Butterflies I found in our school's Butterfly Haven at Dorothy Stringer, Brighton. (Millecent Felstead)

I took this picture of a chalkhill blue in the butterfly heave in school my teacher said you might like to see it! (Elliot Bailey)
Indeed we would, Eliot. That is a male Chalk Hill Blue currently residing at Dorothy Stringer School. (Ed jnr)

This pair of mating Wood Whites was photographed at Botany Bay on Saturday 13 July. (Douglas Neve)

Brighton My Garden: Very busy day in the garden, including a Hummingbird Hawk moth and the first Small Tortoiseshells, I've seen this year. (Philip Booker)

Whitehawk Hill Brighton:Again, an evening walk. Not high numbers but decent variety (Philip Booker)

Brighton Racecourse: Was late in the afternoon, so not much on the wing, although I think I saw an Essex Skipper, pictured below? (Philip Booker)

Woodvale Cemetry Brighton: Lots of Marbled Whites, Ringlets and Small Heaths in particular. (Philip Booker)

Bob Eades' Silver-spotted Skipper seen on Saturday pretty much brings to an end the first sightings for 2019. With only the Scotch Argus remaining, it is pretty much safe to say that Sussex has topped the leader board at this stage, for the third year in a row.

Sussex 10
Devon 9
Hampshire & IOW 8 (5 & 3)
Derbyshire 5
Hertfordshire 4
Dorset 4
Somerset 4
Kent 4
Cornwall 3
Norfolk 3

(Jonathan Crawford)

Matthew Oates saw the first Sussex Brown Hairstreak of the year on the Knepp Wildland yesterday (14 July), along with 40 Purple Emperor. (Neil Hulme)