Sunday 23 September

It was a privilege to take part in Chris Packham's People's Walk for Wildlife in London yesterday (22 September), which started with many inspirational speeches, particularly those from youngsters. For me, Bella Lack (15) was the brightest of many stars. It was great to see such a strong presence of Butterfly Conservation people, including quite a few from BC Sussex. The peaceful march through London, to the loud tune of bird song played by many of the 10,000 participants, ended with more speeches, before a 200-point manifesto for wildlife was presented to Downing Street. Shockingly, the main stream media universally claimed the size of the march to be just 'hundreds'; such inaccurate reporting of numbers (much backtracking overnight) hasn't been seen since the US Presidential inauguration! Even worse, neither the BBC nor ITV bothered to cover the event, which rather highlights the difficulties in raising wider awareness of the plight of British wildlife. This seems like a good opportunity to emphasise the value of all the work done by our own volunteers, as a new work party season begins. I'd also like to thank the immense generosity of all those who bid for lots at the BC 50th Anniversary dinner at Eltham Palace the evening before, where c.12,000 was raised for the cause. And thank you to every one of our members, all of whom contribute to our work. (Neil Hulme)