Wednesday 10 January

Red Admiral on south-facing wall outside Sussex University campus next to A27 at about 14.00. (David Rose)

A Red Admiral flying purposefully across Ambersham Common this afternoon (Martin Daniel)

A Peacock at work today, soon joined by 2 Red Admirals. Mount Harry, Lewes. (Mark Cadey)
Thanks Mark. I am not calling these "firsts" as they look shed related. (Ed jnr)

Red Admiral spotted in my garden this afternoon. (Peter Lovett)

Surprise sighting of a nice Comma, on a sunny January day. Also a Brimstone in the same area. (Derek and Karen Pritty)
Excellent. I have sent an email off to Head Office to see if they are national first sightings. I hope so.

Update: Head office says yes on both counts. Two national firsts on one day. You're living the dream! (Ed jnr)

Today I found the time to visit a local Elm tree, Brighton. During my visit (12:09pm - 1:25pm) I found two White-letter Hairstreak eggs, relocating an additional third egg in my search, having previously located it back in August, last year. All three eggs were laid on the "scar band", illustrated in my photo above, taken today showing "Egg 2". If you would like to look for White-letter Hairstreak eggs and your confident in identifying Elm trees, now is the time to search for them, the caterpillars begin to emerge around late February or early March. Click on the following link for more information about White-letter Hairstreak eggs, included helpful tips to aid your search: (Jamie Burston)

This morning I resumed work with the Murray Downland Trust at Heyshott escarpment. This was the first work party of the year after last week’s rain prevented the scheduled work party. The slope at the west side of the main hill has been cleared of scrub and looks good for the primulas and violets that we hope will attract the attention of the Duke of Burgundy and Pearl-bordered Fritillary. The weather was excellent but the wet leaves and grass proved a challenge for the fire meisters. Attendees were BC members Paul, Garry and myself, new volunteer Kay and MDT members John, Mike H, Greg, Andy and Alan. We welcome all new volunteers, see this page (top right) for details. (Colin Knight

This morning Neil Hulme led a small party ( three of us ) for some clearance work
at Park Corner Heath. Work was concentrated near the visitors hut.
Neil felled three large(ish) trees with his chain saw, whilst we cut the smaller saplings
with hand saws and loppers. The resulting waste was dragged to a nearby heap and
the more substantial logs were sawn up and stacked.
The weather was perfect (for January) with blue sky, sunshine and no breeze. (Trevor Rapley)

Very smart Red Admiral seen in flight and on ivy near Stapefield (TQ295287) this morning (the 10th). (Martyn and Hilary Waller)

Our first butterfly of the year a Red Admiral flying strongly across Summerdown Lane in East Dean (TV562983) in the midday sun. (Carole & David Jode)
And the first for Sussex reported this year too. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to happen. (Ed jnr)