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Preston Park, Brighton & Hove *


Grid ref: TQ 303 063

Nearest town:   Brighton


Overview 67 acres of public parkland. Elm trees.


Access details Bus routes to the west of the park (5 and 5a). Preston Park and London Road stations are within easy walking distance. Small car park at the north-eastern end of the park, entrance off Preston Drove close to Preston Park Avenue where road parking is also available.


Key species White-letter Hairstreak

Other common species Red Admiral, Small White, Speckled Wood, Comma


Site description  As well as being home to football pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens, Preston Park boasts a magnificent collection of elm, foodplant of the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly. Two ancient English elm trees can be found next to the north-western entrance to the park, off the London Road. An avenue of Jersey elm trees lines the path that runs along the western boundary of the park.

The narrow band of mixed woodland along the eastern edge of Preston Park and some of the less-formal planted areas are good for more common butterflies.

There is a lovely walled garden full of nectar plants behind Preston Manor to the north-west of the park.

Author Caroline Clarke

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