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Seaford Head Nature Reserve, East Sussex **


Grid ref: TV 510 976 and surrounding area

Nearest town:  Seaford



An area of the cliff-edge and neighbouring fields - and part of a golf-course - now owned by Seaford Town Council and managed by the Rangers based at Seven Sisters Country Park


Access details Walking via Vanguard Way from Seaford Head (Splash Point) or by Golden Galleon pub at Cuckmere Haven. Car access from carpark adjacent to South Hill Barn TV 505980 


Key species Last year (2005) large numbers of Dark Green Fritillaries seen near cliff edge. Also Adonis Blue, and Green Hairstreak seen near Splash Point. Barred Tooth-striped moth also present.

Other common species Usual downland species including Chalkhill Blues, Marbled Whites, browns, Ringlets, skippers etc. Grayling seen in the past but none since 1994.

Occasional species Well placed for migrants, including Clouded Yellows


Site description  This area has some of the finest views in Sussex and the country with a panorama of the Seven Sisters and Cuckmere Haven. Most of the reserve accessed by the public is a narrow strip of pathway bordering the cliff-edge forming the Vanguard Way, but other paths go across the golf-course which is municipally-owned. The farmland is usually given over to livestock which likewise encourages downland species. A leaflet for the reserve is available at the Countryside Centre (Beachy Head) and at Seaford Town Hall in Broad Street, Seaford; an updated one is hoped for 2007. Visitors should be aware of the dangers from the cliff-edge which is constantly being eroded.


Check out the new Seaford Head Nature Reserve website, which gives more detail.


Author Bob Brown (Former Town Councillor, Acting Co-Ordinator Friends of Seaford Head Nature Reserve and Member of Seaford Head Nature Reserve Management Committee)



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