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Send in your Sussex sightings

Submission guidelines for the sightings page

You can upload your sightings, with or without pictures using the form below.
Alternatively you can send end your butterfly and moth sightings to: sighting@sussex-butterflies.org.uk.

The sightings page is intended to be exclusively for reports from within the borders of Sussex and we would encourage you to post other sightings to either the relevant branch website (if they have a sightings page) or to the sightings forum on the UK Butterflies website at http://www.ukbutterflies.co.uk/index.php. Exceptions to this rule will be reports from locations such as Chiddingfold Forest, which straddle the county boundary and share their butterfly populations with us.

We will be happy to post links to other Butterfly Conservation branchs' sightings pages or personal blogs that contain interesting out-of-county reports from Sussex members. Come the dark winter months (December and January) photos and reports from foreign holidays or even butterfly houses will still be welcome.

The sightings that are posted are largely unverified at the time of publishing - unusual sightings, together with the sender's email address, will be forwarded to the County Recorder. .


Please send your photos to either: photo@sussex-butterflies.org.uk
or: sighting@sussex-butterflies.org.uk.

We will endeavour to show as many as possible of the photos that you send, although we cannot always show every one.

Occasionally, some of the images sent to the website may be suitable for use in other Butterfly Conservation Sussex Branch publications, if this is the case then we will contact you to ask permission and/or request high resolution copies of the relevant photograph.

The sightings page is updated as often as possible, usually daily. If you notice that a report that you sent in has not appeared (without explanation), please contact the editor (web@sussex-butterflies.org.uk) as this is likely to be due to an accidental oversight and a gentle reminder will always be appreciated.

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