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The Butterflies of Sussex
The Butterflies of Sussex
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2017 First sightings

0 Species to date

Small Tortoiseshell
24 January

17 January

10 January

Red Admiral
8 January


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Recent sightings in Sussex

February 2017

This is a list of national first sightings for 2017 published on the Butterfly Conservation national website. In January we had sightings of Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Brimstone in Sussex. The latter was a national first.

A Comma was seen in a county to the East of Sussex in January whilst someone in Devon reported an early Speckled Wood. We are still waiting for our first Sussex sightings of both these species.

February is a fairly grim time of the year for butterfly spotting so any sighting is a bonus. Keep sending them in!

Ed jnr

Saturday 25 February

Brown Hairstreak eggs near Cuckfield. Do landowners know they have Brown Hairstreaks? Found two eggs very quickly on uncut 'headland' hedge surrounded by lots of close cut hedges TQ30117 22851, and another on an overgrown hedge beside a small private road between Copyhold Farm and Cow Bottom wood, dead end, TQ30476 23094. Images attached (Carole Drake)