Highlights of the Butterfly Atlas Project: Year One

  • Hundreds of Sussex BC members have joined in with our atlas survey and taken part in conferences, training workshops, single species surveys or just recorded the butterflies in their garden. So far they have contributed over 40,000 records to the project.
  • With more people than ever before surveying butterflies in Sussex in 2010 we have received a lot of new records for some of our rarest species. New sites were recorded for nationally rare species such as Wood White, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Silver-studded Blue and Small Blue
  • Targeted surveying has given us a clearer picture of the distribution of elusive species such as Purple, Brown and White-letter Hairstreak. It appears they’re not as uncommon as we thought.

Top of the Tetrads

We need to survey 1023 tetrads squares in the county between 2010-14. Some of our commoner species which we’d expect to find in every tetrad have already been recorded in almost 50% of Sussex – whereas other species are destined to be found in just a handful of sites.

Small White503
Meadow Brown499
Large White490
Speckled Wood431
Common Blue430
Red Admiral422
Holly Blue314
Small Tortoiseshell311
Green-veined White291
Small Copper277
Large Skipper233
Purple Hairstreak221
Small Skipper220
Small Heath205
Silver-washed Fritillary179
Marbled White147
Brown Hairstreak141
White Admiral137
Painted Lady130
Brown Argus101
Dingy Skipper71
Grizzled Skipper65
Chalkhill Blue60
Green Hairstreak51
Adonis Blue50
Essex Skipper45
Small Blue44
Dark Green Fritillary44
White-letter Hairstreak39
Silver-spotted Skipper29
Purple Emperor26
Clouded Yellow25
Duke of Burgundy10
Silver-studded Blue10
Pearl-bordered Fritillary9
Wood White7
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary2