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Recent sightings in Sussex


The Surrey & SW London Branch has put together a series of online talks, which are listed here:

They are all free, but we hope that people will make donations to BC, especially if they enjoy the talks.

Members of other branches are of course welcome to join these talks. Numbers are limited to 100 attendees (by our Zoom account), but we will be recording them and uploading to YouTube.

Previous sightings: First sightings


First sightings - 2021


24th Red Admiral


5th   Peacock

20th Speckled Wood

20th Brimstone

26th Comma

26th Small Tortoiseshell

28th Large Tortoiseshell*


16th Small White

19th Large White

29th Painted Lady

30th Small Copper

30th Orange-tip

30th Holly Blue


1st   Green-veined White

1st   Green Hairstreak*

11th Grizzled Skipper*

20th Dingy Skipper

20th Wall

21st Small Heath

23rd Common Blue

26th Pearl-bordered Fritillary

30th Clouded Yellow


4th   Brown Argus

5th   Small Blue

7th   Duke of Burgundy

11th Adonis Blue

12th Wood White

28th Small Pearl-borderedFritillary

31st Large Skipper


8th   Meadow Brown

13th Silver-studded Blue

13th Black Hairstreak

15th Silver-washed Fritillary

17th Marbled White

20th Small Skipper

23rd Purple Emperor

23rd Ringlet

24th Gatekeeper

26th White Admiral


1st   Essex Skipper

1st   White-letter Hairstreak

4th   Chalk Hill Blue*

4th   Purple Hairstreak

8th   Long-tailed Blue

13th Silver-spotted Skipper

*National first

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