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2017 First sightings

0 Species to date
* indicates a national first

Queen of Spain Fritillary
26 August

2 August

4 August

Long-tailed Blue
23 July

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
21 July

13 July

Brown Hairstreak*
7 July

Silver-spotted Skipper*
7 July

Chalk Hill Blue
29 June

18 June

Essex Skipper
17 June

Camberwell Beauty
17 June

Purple Emperor
15 June

Dark Green Fritillary
13 June

Marbled White
13 June

Purple Hairstreak*
12 June

White Admiral*
10 June

White-letter Hairstreak
9 June

Small Skipper
7 June

Silver-washed Fritillary*
7 June

5 June

Silver-studded Blue
29 May

Meadow Brown
28 May

Large Skipper
25 May

Clouded Yellow
24 May

Wood White
20 May

Small Blue
6 May

Common Blue
30 April

Adonis Blue
30 April

Brown Argus
29 April

Duke of Burgundy
22 April

Pearl-bordered Fritillary
18 April

Wall Brown
15 April

Small Heath
14 April

Dingy Skipper*
8 April

Small Copper
7 April

Green Hairstreak
7 April

Grizzled Skipper*
2 April

Large Tortoiseshell
28 March

Green-veined White
27 March

Large White
27 March

Holly Blue
25 March

25 March

Painted Lady
13 March

Speckled Wood
13 March

Small White
11 March

20 February

Small Tortoiseshell
24 January

17 January

10 January

Red Admiral
8 January


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Recent sightings in Sussex

Wood White Conservation in Sussex and Surrey

I have just published the winter conservation work party schedule for Oaken Woods, which is on the Sussex-Surrey border a few miles north west of Horsham. These events are organised by the Surrey branch of BC. Oaken Woods is part of the Chiddingfold Forest complex which contains the last remaining colony of Sussex Wood Whites. These ethereal creatures are amongst the rarest and most threatened buttrflies in Sussex. BC is working on a setting up a conservation project to preserve Wood Whites at Chiddingfold and the Sussex branch has commited funding towards this. There is a clear wish to establish greater connectivity between the Sussex and Surrey Wood White populations.

Last year no one from Sussex attended any of the Conservation work parties at Oaken Woods. If you live in north central Sussex, have the occasional Thursday free this winter and wish to do something that matters, why not give it a go.

Ed jnr.

Sunday 22 October

On a brief visit to Mill Hill where it was blowing a gale I found one Red Admiral at the bottom (and two dragonflies). At the field by the top car park I found one Red Admiral and one particularly glittery looking fresh Common Blue. (Katrina Watson)

A pleasant stroll this afternoon around the National Trusts Nymans Gardens yielded x37 Red Admirals. x1 Comma & x1 Speckled Wood. All taking advantage of the sun on this lovely afternoon. (Steve Dawson)