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Christmas Quiz 2020
Happy Christmas

Christmas quiz
leader board

1st John Williams - 98 Points

2nd Trevor Rapley - 96 Points

3rd Colin Knight - 95 Points

4th Ivor - 95 Points

5th Allan W - 94 Points

6th Robert Watson - 94 Points

7th TL - 94 Points

8th DRC - 92 Points

9th Andrew Knights - 91 Points

10th Grahame Hawker - 91 Points

11th Peter Farrant - 91 Points

12th KW - 89 Points

13th Poland Family - 89 Points

14th Richard F - 88 Points

15th Stephen R - 88 Points

16th Tom Parker - 87 Points

17th Val and John Heys - 87 Points

18th Nicholas Turner - 83 Points

19th Original troglodyte - 83 Points

20th Lindsay Morris - 82 Points

21st Rob Bogue - 82 Points

22nd ChrisB - 81 Points

23rd Linda lands - 81 Points

24th NeilW - 81 Points

25th Anonymous BC employee - 80 Points

26th Tim Roberts - 80 Points

27th Hamza - 78 Points

28th Edward Pollard - 77 Points

29th Nick Ostler - 74 Points

30th Nick Martin - 73 Points

31st Young Heys - 73 Points

32nd Allan - 72 Points

33rd Istvan Radi - 71 Points

34th Billy D - 69 Points

35th alan2303 - 66 Points

36th Naomi L - 66 Points

37th Ed J - 64 Points

38th pongo - 63 Points

39th NickRH14 - 60 Points

40th Puggers - 58 Points

41st Old Buzzard - 57 Points

42nd WillM - 57 Points

43rd Stephen Thompson - 56 Points

Winter Work Parties

Neil Hulme will be leading winter work parties at Rowland Wood and Park Corner Heath as ususal this season. Our work parties will continue to take place on the second Sunday of every month, so in the coming winter the dates will be:

Please email: neil.hulme.sussex (AT) outlook.com to confirm attendance.
You must have read the attendance guidelines.

We will of course adapt plans if guidance changes - please keep an eye on the website for the most up to date information.

To help with keeping work parties Covid safe, please do bring your own work gloves and your own hand tools if you have them, particularly loppers. You will also need you bring your own food and drink as required.


The Surrey & SW London Branch has put together a series of online talks, which are listed here:

They are all free, but we hope that people will make donations to BC, especially if they enjoy the talks.

Members of other branches are of course welcome to join these talks. Numbers are limited to 100 attendees (by our Zoom account), but we will be recording them and uploading to YouTube.

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