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2019 First sightings

0 Species to date
* indicates a national first

Queen of Spain Fritilliary
15 August

Long Tailed Blue
5 August

27 July

17 July

Brown Hairstreak
14 July

Silver-spotted Skipper*
13 July

Chalk Hill Blue
30 June

Purple Emperor
26 Jun

Essex Skipper
25 June

17 June

Small Skipper
11 June

Dark Green Fritillary
09 June

Marbled White
09 June

Silver-studded Blue
09 June

White-letter Hairstreak*
08 June

06 June

Silver-washed Fritillary*
05 June

Purple Hairstreak
04 June

White Admiral*
2 June

Meadow Brown
28 May

Large Skipper
27 May

Black Hairstreak*
21 May

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
16 May

Wood White
12 May

Large Tortoiseshell
02 May

Adonis Blue
02 May

Small Blue
01 May

Brown Argus
29 April

Common Blue
28 April

Duke of Burgundy
23 April

Pearl-bordered Fritillary
20 April

Small Heath
17 April

Dingy Skipper*
11 April

Wall Brown
07 April

Small Copper
30 March

Green Hairstreak
30 March

Grizzled Skipper*
30 March

Clouded Yellow
29 March

25 March

Green-veined White
24 March

Large White
07 March

Painted Lady
25 Feb

Speckled Wood
24 Feb

Camberwell Beauty
23 Feb

Small White*
23 Feb

15 February

Small Tortoiseshell
15 Feb

Holly Blue
14 February

09 January

Red Admiral*
01 January

01 January


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Recent sightings in Sussex

Quiz results

Over two hundred people managed to complete what was a pretty demanding quiz. A big thanks to Martin Kalaher for compiling all the questions. He has written an explanation of the answers here. He is also working hard on the quiz for Christmas 2019, so that is something to look forward to.

What a knowledgeable bunch you are when it comes to butterflies. Almost half of you got 70% and over. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only Dinghy Skipper out there.

90-100Purple Emperor10.24%
80-89Queen of Spain17.56%
70-79Duke of Burgundy21.46%
60-69White Admiral23.90%
50-59Red Admiral15.12%
40-49Painted Lady11.71%

Ed jnr

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Butterflies in August

In August 2006 Adrian Thomas wrote on this site:
"By the time July is over, that's it, every resident species has emerged at some stage already this year. However, what we have to look forward to is the second or third brood of many species. Reaching their peak in August will be Adonis Blue second brood, Brown Hairstreak, Brown Argus second brood, burgeoning populations of whites. We may also begin to see whether this is going to be a Painted Lady year.  However, it is worth looking for the last sighting of the year of Ringlet, Dark Green and Silver-washed Fritillaries, White-letter and Purple Hairstreaks, Silver-studded Blue and Marbled White."

Or as Colin Knight put in an email to me last week. "What a wonderful time of the year, it's all downhill now!"

Ed jnr

Saturday 24 August

At Whitehawk Hill near the transmission station next to Brighton race course. Saw about 4 Long-tailed Blue! There were quite a few Small Heath and Small Whites my attention was all on the Long-tailed Blues 😎 (Jenny Hodgkins)

This Poplar Hawk Moth was found in my moth trap this morning. (Douglas Neve)