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First sightings - 2021


24th Red Admiral


5th   Peacock

20th Speckled Wood

20th Brimstone

26th Comma

26th Small Tortoiseshell

28th Large Tortoiseshell*


16th Small White

19th Large White

29th Painted Lady

30th Small Copper

30th Orange-tip

30th Holly Blue


1st   Green-veined White

1st   Green Hairstreak*

11th Grizzled Skipper*

20th Dingy Skipper

20th Wall

21st Small Heath

23rd Common Blue

26th Pearl-bordered Fritillary

30th Clouded Yellow


4th   Brown Argus

5th   Small Blue

7th   Duke of Burgundy

11th Adonis Blue

12th Wood White

28th Small Pearl-borderedFritillary

31st Large Skipper


8th   Meadow Brown

13th Silver-studded Blue

13th Black Hairstreak

15th Silver-washed Fritillary

17th Marbled White

20th Small Skipper

23rd Purple Emperor

23rd Ringlet

24th Gatekeeper

26th White Admiral


1st   Essex Skipper

1st   White-letter Hairstreak

4th   Chalk Hill Blue*

4th   Purple Hairstreak

8th   Long-tailed Blue

13th Silver-spotted Skipper

21st Grayling

31st Brown Hairstreak

*National first

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