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Reserves and Transects

If you know of a reserve that is missing from this page or a site suitable for a transect, please send us an email.

 Site has current transect Priority one
 Site has expired transect Priority two
 Site is known reserve without a transect history

Name Grid ref Transect
In Atlas Notes
Abbots WoodTQ 55781 07267YesView
Anchor BottomTQ 20400 09300LiveYesView
Ardingly ReservoirTQ 33107 29285View
Arlington ReservoirTQ 53315 07510LiveView
Ashdown ForestTQ 45901 27803CeasedYesView
Ashenground and Bolnore WoodsTQ 32555 22998View
Ashpark WoodSU 9945 3184LiveView
Batemans 01TQ 667239LiveView
Batts WoodTQ 63783 27505YesView
Beachy HeadTV 59467 96037YesView
Beacon HillTQ 364028LiveAdditional recorders requiredView
Beckley WoodsTQ 85800 21900YesView
Bedelands Farm Nature ReserveTQ 31867 20558YesView
Benfield HillTQ 26167 07852YesView
Bevendean ATQ 338068LiveYesView
Bevendean BTQ 335065LiveYesView
Bevendean CTQ 343066LiveYesView
Bevendean DownTQ 33800 06400YesView
Bignor HillSU 972128LiveYesView
Billingshurst - footpaths nearTQ 095248LiveYesView
Binsted WoodSU 99403 06629YesView
Birling gapTV 55621 96200View
BlackcapSU 92096 29374LiveYesNew transectView
BlackdownSU 91900 29600View
Blackjack WoodSU 969119LiveYesView
Blunts Wood & Paiges MeadowsTQ 31828 24794CeasedYesView
Brandy Hole CopseSU 851065View
Brede High WoodsTQ 79400 20200YesView
Broadwater WarrenTQ 55148 37284LiveView
Burton and Chingford PondsSU 97814 17998LiveView
Castle HillTQ 37015 06996LiveYesAdditional recorders requiredView
Castle Hill NewhavenTQ 44658 00215View
Chailey CommonTQ 40269 22275View
Chanctonbury RingTQ 140121LiveView
Chantry HillTQ 08060 12533YesView
Chapel CommonSU 8194 2861LiveYesView
Church Wood and Robsack WoodTQ 77819 10571View
CissburyTQ 13891 08024LiveYesView
Coldean WoodsTQ 335085LiveView
Crowborough Country ParkTQ 53061 29840View
Crowlink ExceatTV 54447 97554LiveView
Cuckmere ValleyTV 51613 98238YesView
Deep DeanTQ 54300 03000LiveYesView
Devils DykeTQ 26176 10681YesView
Ditchling BeaconTQ 33345 12983CeasedView
Ditchling CommonTQ 34024 17906View
Ditchling CommonTQ 34024 17906View
Drovers EstateTQ 54220 36564View
Eames FarmSU 75543 04348View
Eartham WoodSU 94301 11051YesView
Eastern Road Nature ReserveTQ 35310 25307View
Ebernoe CommonSU 97576 27836YesView
EdburtonTQ 23612 11325YesView
Eridge Rocks/Old ParkTQ 55454 35509YesView
Fairmile BottomSU 98835 09454LiveYesView
Filsham Reed BedsTQ 77718 09617View
Fore WoodTQ 75684 12806LiveView
Fore WoodTQ 74700 13100YesView
Friston ForestTQ 51879 00174YesView
Frog Firle farm/ High and OverTQ 50916 01097CeasedYesView
GraffhamSU 92797 19351LiveYesView
Grattons ParkTQ 29072 38291View
Great DixterTQ 81965 25115View
Hargate ForestTQ 57445 36918YesView
Harting DownSU 79096 18002LiveYesView
Hastings Country Park & Fairlight Place FarmTQ 84931 11732YesView
Hempstead MeadowTQ 47480 20990View
Heyshott EscarpmentSU 89900 16800YesView
HollingdeanTQ 25416 26066LiveView
Houghton ForestSU 99448 11553YesView
Iping Common (Stedham with Iping)SU 85234 21996LiveYesView
Kingley ValeSU 82460 11093YesView
Kingspark WoodTQ 67802 23261LiveView
KithurstTQ 07000 12500YesView
KneppTQ 15590 21737YesView
Knowlands WoodTQ 417171LiveView
Ladies MileTQ 31797 09326View
Lancing RingTQ 18291 06243LiveView
Lavington CommonSU 95737 16970View
Levin DownSU 88653 13378LiveYesView
Lewes Downs (Mount Caburn)TQ 44438 08945View
Loder ValleyTQ 342305LiveView
Lodge CopseSU 97382 16929LiveNew transectView
Lullington HeathTQ 54473 01754LiveYesAdditional recorders requiredView
Lynchmere CommonsSU 86000 31400View
Malling DownTQ 42164 11255LiveYesView
Markstakes Common (Woodland Trust)TQ 40116 18362LiveYesView
Marline ValleyTQ 78051 11910View
Medley BottomTQ 04400 11600YesView
Mill HillTQ 21167 07456LiveYesView
Minepit WoodTQ 3625 3507LiveView
Minepits - Hartley Green CopseSU 872284View
Moulsescombe WildparkTQ 33164 08024LiveView
Newhaven Tide MillsTQ 45999 00260YesView
NorthwoodSU 956110LiveView
NymansTQ 26450 29516LiveView
Old LodgeTQ 46989 30628View
Old Roar Gill & Coronation WoodTQ 80448 12059View
Owlbeech Wood HorshamTQ 202317LiveView
Park Corner heathTQ 51574 14713LiveYesView
PetworthSU 97427 22692View
Pevensey LevelsTQ 65738 06239View
Pound CommonTQ 378207LiveView
PoundgateTQ 49433 28846LiveView
Pulborough BrooksTQ 05935 16447LiveView
Railway Land LewesTQ 42000 09900View
Rewell WoodSU 98540 08053YesView
Rowland WoodTQ 51482 14924LiveYesView
SaddlescombeTQ 27021 11652YesView
Seaford Head East 1TV 50951 97420LiveView
Seaford Head WestTV 497981LiveNew transectView
Site 1ATQ 48721 29253View
Site 1BTQ 48652 29293View
Site 2ATQ 48402 29455View
Site 2BTQ 48290 29581View
Site 3ATQ 48392 29347View
Site 3BTQ 48246 29262View
Site 4ATQ 47779 29187View
Site 4BTQ 47760 29036View
Site 4CTQ 47737 28955View
Site 4DTQ 47764 28874View
Site 5ATQ 47964 28596View
Site 5BTQ 4814128611View
Site 5CTQ 48302 28602View
Site 5DTQ 48464 28609View
Site 6ATQ 48102 29313View
Site 6BTQ 48214 29357View
Site 6CTQ 48151 29296View
Site 6DTQ 48255 29316View
Site 7ATQ 46951 29904View
Site 7BTQ 46880 29928View
Site 7CTQ 46990 30066View
Slindon CommonSU 95859 08555LiveView
Slindon Park WoodsSU 954075LiveNew transectView
Southerham FarmTQ 42647 09897View
Southwater WoodsTQ 15729 25765YesView
St Helens WoodTQ 81400 11900View
Stanmer Park/ColdeanTQ 33959 09421View
Stansted ForestSU 74700 10500YesView
Steyning DSTQ 16818 11325YesView
Stumbleholm FarmTQ 22791 37289LiveView
Summerfields WoodTQ 80900 09700View
Target Hill ParkTQ 24900 34600View
The Brooks (Bersted Brooks)SU 93400 01500View
The Ghyll, CrowboroughTQ 532306LiveView
The Liz Williams Butterfly HavenTQ 309072LiveView
The mensTQ 02300 23600View
The Scrase ValleyTQ 34375 24560View
Thorney islandSU 76700 01000YesView
Tilgate ForestTQ 27400 34200View
Tilletts Lane Fields WarnhamTQ 153339LiveView
Tottington WoodTQ 21821 12211View
Valewood - Winding MeadowSU 909316LiveNew transectView
Valewood ParkSU 906310LiveNew transectView
Walshes ParkTQ 523284LiveNew transectView
WarnhamTQ 17200 32700YesView
Washington chalkpitTQ 12104 12121LiveView
Weavers DownSU 81300 30400YesView
Weirwood ReservoirTQ 40743 35103View
Well BottomTQ 45300 05500YesView
West Dean WoodsSU 84595 15268LiveView
West Grinsted Downs LinkTQ 18251 23147YesView
West Kingston Estate sussexTQ 079016LiveView
West Park UckfieldTQ 46525 21135View
Whitehawk HillTQ 33387 04429CeasedView
Withdean & Westdene WoodsTQ 29900 06900View
Wolstonbury HillTQ 28100 13800YesView
Woods MillTQ 21836 13811LiveYesView

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